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“To Start”

Croissant and bread roll, served with ham, cheese & several sweet toppings (e.g. jam, chocolate sprinkles, peanut butter)
Coffee or tea and freshly squeezed orange juice
€ 8,00

“To Go”

Croissant and bread roll, served with ham, cheese & several sweet toppings (e.g. jam, chocolate sprinkles)
Coffee or tea and plain yogurt with fruit
€ 8,00

“2 Eggs”

Scrambled eggs & bacon served with toast
Coffee or tea and freshly squeezed orange juice
€ 8,00

“Fried Eggs” (Choose from the following toppings)

Bacon, cheese, ham, mushrooms, tomato. Served with coffee or tea and freshly squeezed orange juice€ 10,00

Soft bread rolls

Young cheese€ 3,25
Mature cheese€ 3,50
Farmers ham€ 3,25
Cured ham€ 3,50
Filet Americain€ 3,25
Fried egg€ 3,25
Hummus and grilled vegetables€ 4,00
Children: chocolate sprinkles, chocolate spread, peanut butter€ 2,75

Something small

Yogurt with freshly sliced fruits€ 3,75
Yogurt with muesli and honey€ 3,25
Croissant natural / jam€ 2,25
Croissant ham / cheese€ 2,75
‘Pastry ToDay’ with coffee or tea€ 4,75

Toasties from the oven

Toasty “2 take”, ham/cheese with freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee or tea€ 6,25
Mozzarella, bacon, tomato and pesto€ 5,75
Goat’s cheese & bacon, honey dip€ 5,75
Tuna, cheddar and grilled vegetables€ 5,75
Rendang (Indonesian braised beef) with katjang sauce€ 5,75


Choose from: white or whole grain bread

Carpaccio, pine nuts, Old Amsterdam Cheese and pesto-mayo€ 9,00
Goat’s cheese from the oven with honey and walnut-fig dip€ 8,75
Homemade tuna spread with apple, pickles and red onion€ 8,25
Smoked salmon with capers, red onion & cucumber dressing€ 9,00
“North sea”, salmon, smoked eel & prawns€ 9,75
Filet American topped with onions and pickles€ 8,00
Vegetarian spread made of hummus and grilled vegetables€ 8,50


Chef’s recommendation: ‘ToDay soup-sandwich-juice of the day’€ 8,50
Club Sandwich ToDay, ham, cheese, fried egg and crispy bacon€ 8,50
Club Sandwich Chicken, smoked chicken breast, bacon and cocktail sauce€ 8,50
Warm ham with cherry tomato, mushrooms and honey-mustard sauce€ 8,50
‘Trio ToDay’. A beef croquette and pick three of your favourite toppings on mini rolls: cured ham, salmon, goats cheese, filet american, tuna or smoked eel€ 9,00
3 Cheeses: on nut bread, Old A’dam, brie, Leyden cumin cheese, served with piccalilly & mustard dip€ 9,00

Egg dishes

Fried eggs (3 eggs)€ 6,50
Fried eggs ham/cheese or bacon/cheese€ 8,75
Omelette with salmon & spring onion€ 10,25
Omelette with mushrooms, bell pepper, onion, zucchini, cooked ham and cheese€ 10,00
ToDay’s fried eggs: ham, bacon, onion, mushrooms, topped with Old Amsterdam cheese€ 10,25


Tomato soup with cream and soft bread roll with cheese€ 6,75
‘Soup ToDay’, soup of the day served with bread€ 6,75

Lunch dishes

‘Pasta ToDay’€ 10,25
Dish ToDay€ 11,50
Angus beef burger, with tomato, fried egg, crispy bacon, cheddar and fries€ 13,00
‘Burger ToDay’, angus beef, tomato, mozzarella, crispy bacon, pesto and fries€ 13,00
Satay of chicken thigh, served with bread, salad and fries€ 13,00
Two beef croquettes with fries or bread€ 8,75


Caprese: mozzarella, roasted cherry tomatoes, grilled vegetables, croutons, basil vinaigrette and capers€ 9,25
Carpaccio, pine nuts, croutons, Old Amsterdam cheese, pesto-mayo & sundried tomatoes€ 10,25
Crispy chicken, bacon, red union and chili-dip€ 9,75
Goat’s cheese in bacon from the oven€ 9,75
Quinoa, shrimp, grilled vegetables and roasted cherry tomatoes€ 10,00
Curried King prawns, stir-fried€ 10,25


Bread and dips€ 6,25
Tomato soup€ 6,50
‘Soup ToDay’, ask us€ 6,50
Carpaccio, roasted cherry tomatoes, Old Amsterdam cheese, pine nuts and pesto-mayo€ 9,75
Bruschetta, mozzarella, tomato salsa and parmesan€ 8,75
‘Duo Salmon & Trout’, served with toast€ 9,50

XXL Salads

Caprese: mozzarella, roasted cherry tomatoes, grilled vegetables, croutons, basil vinaigrette and capers€ 11,75
Carpaccio, pine nuts, croutons, Old Amsterdam cheese, pesto-mayo & sundried tomatoes€ 12,25
Crispy chicken, bacon, red union and chili-dip€ 11,75
Goat’s cheese in bacon from the oven€ 11,75
Quinoa, shrimp, grilled vegetables and roasted cherry tomatoes€ 12,00
Curried King prawns, stir-fried€ 11,50
North sea, smoked salmon, smoked eel, king prawns and lemon-mayo€ 13,50

Meat dishes

Spare Ribs, In house marinated slow cooked pork ribs, salad and fries€ 16,50
Satay, of chicken thigh, served with salad, fries and prawn crackers€ 16,00
‘ToDay’s Choice’, changing meat dish€ 14,00
ToDay’s Choice de luxe XL, changing meat dish€ 17,50
ToDay’s skewer, chicken, steak, tenderloin, bacon€ 19,50
Beef tournedos, 200 gram, served with haricots verts, mushrooms & bacon bits€ 23,00
Pasta Verde Chicken & Pesto, served with green veggies and grated cheese€ 14,00

Fish dishes

Salmon, stir-fried seasonal veggies & mash€ 16,00
Tuna, tuna steak, stir-fries seasonal veggies & sweet potato€ 20,50
ToDay’s Catch, fish of the day€ 14,00
ToDay’s Cath de luxe XL, fish of the day€ 17,50
Pasta Curry, stir-fried king prawns and vegetables in spicy curry€ 14,00

Kids menu (till 12 years)

Small tomatosoup€ 4,50
Slow cooked pork ribs or satay with fries€ 8,50
Fries with mayonnaise, apple sauce, salad and a choice of croquette, frikandel or crispy chicken€ 7,50

Served with ice cream afterwards

Burgers (all served with fries & salad)

Hamburger ToDay, tomato, mozzarella, pesto and bacon€ 13,50
Mexico, guacamole, tomato salsa, nacho’s€ 13,50
Cheese, fried egg, cheddar, bacon€ 13,50
Old A’dam, and coburger€ 13,50
Salmon, dill-mayo & sweet onions€ 13,50


Quinoa burger, with stir-fried veggies and fries€ 13,50
Vegetarian skewer, with seasonal veggies & Roseval potato’s€ 14,50
Veggie Pasta, with seasonal veggies in tomato sauce€ 14,00
ToDay’s Veggie, changing dish€ 14,00


Crème Brûlée€ 7,00
Chocolate mousse€ 7,00
Vanilla ice cream with ‘advocaat’€ 7,00
Petit Grand dessert (for 2 people)€ 13,00
ToDay’s ice dessert€ 7,00
Dame Blanche€ 7,00
Tiramisu€ 7,00
Kids dessert€ 3,50

Liqueur coffees

Spanisch coffee€ 7,50
Italian coffee€ 7,50
Irish coffee€ 7,50
French coffee€ 7,50
ToDay's coffee€ 7,50

Hot beverages

Coffee€ 2,50
Espresso€ 2,50
Cappuccino€ 2,85
Latte macchiato€ 3,10
Double espresso€ 3,90
Macchiato€ 2,65

All coffees are also available decaf + € 0,20

Tea€ 2,35
Fresh mint tea of ginger tea with honey€ 3,35
Hot chocolate€ 3,00
Hot chocolate with whipped cream€ 3,40
Coffee and ‘pastry ToDay’€ 4,95


Milk / buttermilk€ 2,00
Chocomel / fristi€ 2,60
Smoothies€ 4,20


Chaudfontaine mineral water, still or sparkling€ 2,40
Coca-Cola, diet Coca-Cola or Coca-Cola zero, Fanta, Sprite€ 2,50
Bitter lemon, Tonic, Cassis€ 2,70
Fusetea, Apple juice, Tomato juice€ 2,70
Red Bull€ 3,90

Fresh juices

‘Juice ToDay’€ 4,00
Orange juice small€ 3,70
Orange juice large€ 4,20


Peroni 0.25cl / 50cl€ 3,20
Peroni 0.50cl€ 6,00
Seasonal beer (draft)€ 3,90
Grimbergen Double€ 4,80
Grimbergen blond€ 4,60
Grimbergen triple€ 5,00
Radler€ 3,25
Paulaner Hefe Weizen€ 4,40
Wheat beer€ 3,80
Heineken 0,0%€ 3,00


Van Kleef Jenever, Vieux€ 3,20
Bacardi, carta blanca, limón, oakheart€ 4,10
Bombay Gin€ 4,30
Van Kleef Wodka€ 4,10
Van Kleef Kruide baggeahr€ 4,10
Famous Grouse€ 4,10
Jamerson€ 4,40
Talisker 10 years€ 5,85
Martell v.s.€ 5,85
Licor 43€ 4,30
Disaronno amaretto€ 4,10
Limoncello / Sambuca€ 4,10
Van Kleef different flavours€ 4,10
Cointreau€ 4,30
Baileys / Tia Maria€ 4,10